Programming is becoming more and more prevalent as we become more dependent on technology. Learning how to code is becoming a more valuable skill to have, whether you are planning to get into the industry or simply gain a leg up on the competition.

Here are a few of the best reasons why everyone should learn how to code at some point by getting up to speed with the top programming languages used today.

Think Differently

To code, one has to be able to look at a complex problem and divide that up into much smaller problems to solve. This method of problem-solving helps to develop a detail-oriented skill set within your brain while processing a lot of information and approaching problems differently.

Moreover, it will set you apart from many within your organization. It gives you the ability to understand issues at a deeper level and apply critical thinking to solve the issue.

Fosters Creativity

Within the restrictions of a workplace, creativity can suffer. But coding is one of the rare technical skills that actually lends itself to developing creativity. When it comes to being effective at a job, sometimes you have to get creative.

When you are forced to think outside of the box, as you are with coding, you find more innovative ways to solve problems. Moreover, you have to work on finding multiple solutions to the same problem – or new ones – on a daily basis.

Automating Manual Tasks

One of the best-kept secrets of a coder is automating manual tasks. When you can code, you can use other programs, such as Microsoft Excel, to help save you time and even give you a leg up on other potential applicants or those within your department.

Learning languages such as Python have huge potential when it comes to automation. Even better, you can go through a program such as Learnable where you can work with those languages through a lifetime membership. When you can automate those daily tasks that would have otherwise taken a ton of time, you become more valuable in the eyes of an employer.