Dr. Nabil Adam is a pioneer in the fields of cybersecurity and healthcare technology and has amassed specializations in machine learning, personalized medicine, and clinical/healthcare informatics.

About Nabil Adam

  With nearly five decades of experience in his portfolio, Nabil travels the globe to lend his expertise at conventions, symposiums, and workshops; has written over 200 publications and 11 books focusing on his specializations and related research; and still finds the time to mentor Ph.D. students. He is a tenured faculty member at Rutgers University, where he holds the title of Professor Emeritus. Nabil diligently pursues personal and professional leadership opportunities, which his educational history exhibits. Dr. Adam obtained his Bachelor’s degree in Engineering from Cairo University and immediately sought and earned an MA, MPhil, and a Ph.D. from Columbia University.

Nabil Adam has spent the majority of his career teaching at Rutgers University. He divides his time between editorial appointments for various journals and organizations, giving talks both nationally and internationally, founding & running initiatives, and teaching courses. In Stanford University’s 2020 report, Dr. Adam ranked among the top 2% of scholars worldwide regarding their impact in their respective fields (AI and image processing). Dr. Adam was appointed to dozens of editorial appointments as a Member of the Editorial Board, Executive Editor-in-Chief or General Chair of organizations such as Big Data Applications in Biomedical & Health Sciences and Information Technology Applications in Biomedicine. While he is predominantly called upon to speak on Cyber-Security topics, he is still sought after in the medical community for his expertise by such entities as the IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Society. Nabil founded several initiatives that prioritize health and public safety including the Regional Drinking Water Safety and Security Consortium and the Meadowlands Environmental Research Institute. Nabil has also raised nearly $20 million in grants and funding for research he has participated in, managed, or spearheaded.

His talent for securing grants was further shown in early 2023, when he was awarded Amazon Web Service’s grant for his research project, “Racial Disparities in Cancer Therapy-Induced Adverse Events.” This research projects is being done in collaboration with one of his fellow professors at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School, Dr. Robert Wieder. The pair is looking forward to diving into this project even more diligently and raising awareness on this subject.

Over the years, Nabil Adam has supplemented his teaching and research duties with government work, specifically with NASA and the Department of Homeland Security. During the four years he spent working as a Research Fellow with the NASA Center of Excellence in Space Data and Information Sciences, Nabil participated in multiple initiatives with the ultimate goal of conducting computer science research that would ultimately apply to both space and earth sciences.

Dr. Adam played a critical role in the commercialization of Linux software and served as a member of a scientific team to establish a commercial sector for the Space Research Association. Dr. Adam’s next government undertaking occurred several years later when he accepted the position of Fellow, Senior Program Manager, and Branch Chief for the Science and Technology Directorate of the Department of Homeland Security. He was directly in charge of mentoring groups of researchers and led several initiatives concerning cyber-security.

Dr. Adam was also a member of the HealthCare and Public Health Sector R&D Joint Advisory Working Group and Chair of the Medical Supply Chain R&D Subgroup.

In May 2023, Dr. Nabil Adam received an invitation to participate in the Genetics and Epigenetics Cross-Cutting Research workshop on substance use disorders, organized by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) and held on the National Institute of Health (NIH) Campus in Bethesda, MD. The workshop aims to showcase the latest research on the genetics and epigenetics of substance use disorders, explore new research possibilities in the field, and offer attendees an opportunity to meet NIDA program directors and discuss their proposals for grant applications and funding opportunities.

Nabil Adam has continuously established himself as a leader dedicated to bringing excellence to every endeavor he undertakes. His mastery of cyber-security, information systems, and medicine has earned him many awards and commendations throughout the years, and he will undoubtedly continue to do so for the duration of his career.

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