The term “machine learning” has caused a lot of buzz in a number of different industries beyond tech. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence and a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building by recognizing patterns with little human interaction. As technology begins to advance and enter into a new age, there are newer trends in machine learning:

Back to Basics

Machine learning is advanced can be hard to wrap your head around. As more industries begin to adopt machine learning into their businesses, they’ll make the mistake of going with the more advanced and complicated solutions. However, this will no longer be the trend. Machine learning experts are recommending to starting off with baseline machine learning. By starting with the baseline, it leaves room for more iteration and regular production releases for the machine learning to improve upon. Sometimes a simpler solution can outperform the complex ones.  

Bug Fixes

Every piece of technology, no matter how advanced it is, will have a few glitches here and there. Machine learning is no different and comes with its own bug to deal with. These machine learning errors can easily go undetected through conventional production checks and disguise themselves as better production performance. In order to combat this, there are new techniques being developed Model Performance Predictors and visual debugging tools. In order for machine learning to work to its best abilities, its imperative to have accurate bug fixes. 

Simpler Production

Deploying machine learning into any industry can come with its complications. The cloud offers a much easier production of machine learning. By using the cloud, deployments can be simpler because the resource management aspects like machine provisioning, auto-scaling, elasticity, are handled by the cloud backend. Cloud services are the key to taking the complications out of deploying machine learning. It can help an organization deploy machine learning without having to completely rework their infrastructure. 

Machine learning was once thought to be only useful to large corporations such as Facebook, Google, and LinkedIn. Now that it is moving to more industries and becoming a popular solution, trends are heading in the direction of simple. The hassle and complications are becoming a thing of the past as machine learning holds a brighter future.