As technology continues to advance, many businesses are taking advantage. A major advancement in technology that is becoming more popular in a variety of industries is machine learning. Machine learning is a type of artificial intelligence and a method of data analysis that automates analytical model building by recognizing patterns and finding solutions with little human interaction. Machine learning is going to change the future of business culture:

Hiring Process

The traditional hiring process usually consists of rifling through piles and piles of resumes and conducting countless interviews all in hopes of finding the perfect candidate. However, much of the time human error can get in the way of a hiring process. These types of errors range from judging the candidate’s gender, race, name, and even choice of font. By using machine learning solutions, a candidate can be easily found when their resume is run through a system. The system can find keywords and identify the best candidate through pre-interview questions. This way, the best candidates for a position can be found unbiased, faster and more efficiently.

Training Processes

When a person is hired for a potion, there is usually training that they must go through before beginning the job. This usually takes place in a conference room through slideshows and shown by examples. With the use of machine learning, training can be much more effective. Training sessions can be conducted more online and done much faster. The computer will know how much the trainee understands and what information they have been able to retain. The computer will also learn the best and most efficient way to train new hires. This makes the training process easier and helps new hires learn more faster. 


Many people begin to worry that artificial intelligence and machine learning will make their job obsolete. This is, however, far from the truth. In fact, jobs will be made easier and more efficient with the assistance of machine learning. Machine learning solutions can take care of the mundane and tedious tasks of administration work. This can range from scheduling to customer communication. Many successful models today allow certain tasks to be taken over by AI while machine learning can gather customer data and predict consumer behavior.