Healthcare Informatics has brought around a large amount of change within the Healthcare industry. The creation of new technology continues to impact and reshape the industry while improving the way doctors provide medical care. The benefits from each technological achievement work to bring us into a better future in healthcare, while eliminating systems that clearly do not provide the most accurate information.

Healthcare Informatics has taken the place of medical records and different healthcare systems to streamline the industry. Many of the developments are physical changes we can see such as new programs and systems for medical records and patient to physician interactions. Aside from the physical, there are other changes that continue to benefit and make way for the successful future of healthcare informatics.

Patients Taking Interest In Their Health
A great improvement that has been seen over the years informatics have been implemented, is the increase of patients taking an interest in their own health. Because patients now have access to their medical records and diagnoses, they’ve been more apt to stay up to date on appointments, which medications they should be taking, as well as their diagnoses and symptoms. This is also true in the fact that through patient portals, patients are able to speak directly to their doctors and nurses when they have any questions, concerns, or need something such as a refill on medication.

Knowledge and Communication Has Increased
There are so many different specialists in the healthcare industry that most patients are seeing multiple physicians on a yearly basis for different reasons. A huge advancement with healthcare informatics is how connected medical professionals are. Communication and sharing of information among each physician helps to provide patients with the best care possible. Keeping all information in one place that is easily accessible provides the knowledge needed to diagnose and treat patients with less unanswered questions and decreases the possibility for a misdiagnosis.

The best outcome from healthcare informatics is the increased level of quality care. Freeing up time from our medical professionals by having new technology and healthcare information systems creates not only quality care, but safer care for patients. With proper diagnosis’ and efficiency from medical staff, insurance companies, hospitals, and patients all save money in the long run. The continued growth of healthcare technology will transform the future of the medical industry.